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Checklist for Centers

If a host school has any questions, please call the Bellarmine Board members who are assigned to the meet as chairpersons. They will be willing to clarify the information and help the host school with any problems.

  • Assign timekeepers and begin practicing with them.
  • Designate an area to be used by the chairpersons as an office for receiving the ballots and tabulating the scores. The area needs at least one long table.
  • Set up a room for the Judges’ meeting—approximately twelve to eighteen people. This may be a classroom or may be the room already being used by the chairpersons.
  • Please provide coffee and tea and some type of morning refreshments—doughnuts, fruit, muffins-- for the judges.
  • Place a table at the school entrance for registration. Please provide two adult volunteers to help in this location.
  • Please mark the entrances the people in the speech meet should use.
  • Set up the cafeteria with enough tables for each school. Each school will have twelve students, a judge, and possibly the coach. Place school numbers on the tables, not school names. This room will also be used for the awards assembly. Please provide a microphone, if possible.
  • Set up the rooms where speeches will be held with a chair and a writing surface for the judge and a chair and writing surface nearby for the timekeeper. Please place these a few feet apart so that the judge's comments cannot be easily read by the timekeeper, but close enough that the timekeeper can show the judge the time for each contestant. Set up enough chairs for the contestants from grades 5-8 who will perform in the classroom and for parents who might accompany them. Allow a wide path down the center for clear viewing by the judge. Speeches held in primary rooms will need chairs large enough to accommodate those attending. The duet rooms will have double the contestants and parents. Please label each room with the room number on the program and with the category.
  • Please provide chalk and erasers for the chalkboards or dry erase pens and erasers for the whiteboards in the classrooms so that contestants can print their names and school numbers for the judges.
  • Place a table and two chairs in each duet acting room for the contestants.
  • Place one chair in the humorous and serious rooms for the use of the contestants.
  • Provide beverages for lunch for the participants in the meet—twelve contestants, one judge, one coach. Schools are not responsible for providing drinks for the parents.
  • Provide volunteers to run the lunchroom.
  • Offer assistance to the chairpersons in the office. Sometimes the help will be needed; sometimes it will not.
  • If possible, please ask someone from your school—the pastor or the principal—to welcome students at the general assembly.
    The chairpersons will send the host school the program for the meet. The host school is not responsible for assigning judges and contestants to the classrooms. The program will contain this information. Please write in the room numbers on the program before running the programs. The following are options on how to run the program:

    1. Run off enough programs for the number of schools attending the meet times thirteen. Collate and divide into thirteen programs per school, enough for the judge and twelve participants. Have these packets at the registration table.

    2. Run off enough programs for the number of schools attending times ten. Collate and divide into ten programs per schools—three serious, three humorous, three duets, one judge.

    3. If the host school is concerned about the rising cost of paper and the preservation of the rainforests, run off single copies for the participants. Run off enough humorous for the humorous contestants, enough serious for the serious contestants, and one sheet for each duet team. The judge will need one complete set—one humorous, one duet, one serious.

      Please run five extra complete programs for the chairpersons to use on the day of the meet.

Thank you for hosting a Bellarmine Speech Meet. Your role as a host school is essential to our success in serving the children who participate in speech. Please feel free to call if help is necessary.

Schools will be referred to the host school for directions to the meets. Please inform the school secretary that schools may be calling for help in finding the host school. If any other problems arise, please ask the callers to speak to one of the chairpersons. Thank you.

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